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Legacies Saison 4

affiche Legacies

Les 20 épisodes de la saison 4 de Legacies ont été diffusés entre Octobre 2021 et Juin 2022 sur The CW

Liste des épisodes de la saison 4 de Legacies

Legacies S04E01
Legacies S04E01 - Tu dois en choisir un cette fois

14 Octobre 2021

Après avoir appris que le Malivore s'est emparé du corps de Landon, Hope et la super équipe mettent au point un plan risqué pour sauver...

Legacies S04E02
Legacies S04E02 - There's No I in Team, or Whatever

21 Octobre 2021

Hope doit céder le pouvoir et permettre à Josie et à la super équipe de mettre en place un plan risqué qui pourrait sauver Landon. Landon et...

Legacies S04E03
Legacies S04E03 - We All Knew This Day Was Coming

28 Octobre 2021

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Legacies S04E04
Legacies S04E04 - See You on the Other Side

04 Novembre 2021

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Legacies S04E05
Legacies S04E05 - I Thought You'd Be Happier To See Me

11 Novembre 2021

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Legacies S04E06
Legacies S04E06 - You're a Long Way From Home

18 Novembre 2021

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Legacies S04E07
Legacies S04E07 - Someplace Far Away From All This Violence

02 Décembre 2021

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Legacies S04E08
Legacies S04E08 - You Will Remember Me

09 Décembre 2021

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Legacies S04E09
Legacies S04E09 - I Can't Be the One To Stop You

16 Décembre 2021

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Legacies S04E10
Legacies S04E10 - The Story of My Life

24 Février 2022

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Legacies S04E11
Legacies S04E11 - Follow the Sound of My Voice

03 Mars 2022

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Legacies S04E12
Legacies S04E12 - Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

10 Mars 2022

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Legacies S04E13
Legacies S04E13 - Was This the Monster You Saw?

31 Mars 2022

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Legacies S04E14
Legacies S04E14 - The Only Way Out is Through

07 Avril 2022

The Super Squad rallies together to test their abilities, with help from Vardemus. Hope experiences some vivid dreams, causing some mixed emotions....

Legacies S04E15
Legacies S04E15 - Everything That Can Be Lost May Also Be Found

14 Avril 2022

Hope continues to be swirled in confusion and fighting her humanity, which results in her seeing the people who mean the most to her: Rebekah,...

Legacies S04E16
Legacies S04E16 - I Wouldn't Be Standing Here If It Weren't For You

28 Avril 2022

Hope continues her fight and Lizzie devises a plan to potentially help. Cleo is fearful of her visions and what it means for those she loves. Alaric...

Legacies S04E17
Legacies S04E17 - Into the Woods

05 Mai 2022

Landon finds his groove in limbo, he is faced with yet another surprise. Hope does some deep soul searching. As Ethan continues to struggle and...

Legacies S04E18
Legacies S04E18 - By the End of This, You'll Know Who You Were Meant to Be

02 Juin 2022

Alaric briefs the Super Squad on what comes next. Hope has a heart-to-heart with Lizzie. MG helps Ethan. Cleo continues to test her new powers and...

Legacies S04E19
Legacies S04E19 - This Can Only End in Blood

09 Juin 2022

Hope presents a challenge to Ken, which he has to accept. Cleo is set on revenge. The Super Squad prepares for the battle of their lives. Meanwhile,...

Legacies S04E20 - Do You Mind Staying With Me for Another Minute?

16 Juin 2022

Hope, Lizzie, MG, Kaleb, Jed, Cleo and Alaric reflect on recent events and what comes next for each of them. Hope and Lizzie each find solace from...

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